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Filling, labelling, packaging

remplissageOur filling department has a maximum capacity of 150 000 units per day for containers ranging from 50ml to 25 litres. We also have 2 mixing rooms and more than 50 000 litres in reservoir space. As such we can mix any formula you give us. Among other things, we produce a wide variety of soaps, as well as other health and beauty products.

We can also label all of your products. Our speciality is in the application of thermo retractable sleeves. We can also affix traditional sticker labels as required.

Once we have packed your product in cases we can label or print with your name or other pertinent information such as a logo, product code or lot number.

All steps are monitored by a quality control system and a rigorous follow up.

Contact us and become one of our many satisfied customers.

Contact us

Les Plastiques J.E.T.S. inc.
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Quebec, Canada

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