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Injection and blowing

soufflageWith a strong and experienced work force the JETS plant now has more than twenty (20) quality presses of 35 to 300 tons. And because of our integrated project based solutions we have become known for our creativity.

When it comes to injection moulding we have developed a speciality in small tubes and containers for pharmaceutical and laboratory uses. One of our fields of expertise is with small pieces weighing 15 grams and less. At the same time the maximum injectable weight on our equipment is 1000 grams.

Blow moulding was introduced in 2009 and today we mostly work with Polyethylene and Polypropylene containers. We can offer containers with a volume of 30ml to 5 litres.

Rely on JETS for your moulding and rest assured you will receive the best service at a competitive price.

Contact us and become one of our many satisfied customers.

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